"Not Enough Force/ESC Error"

Current Worldwide Frequency


Severity: Low Risk

   Low severity, impact on safety is likely not significant


This happens when the Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is unable to provide enough power to the motors to either maintain hover position, or to fulfil climb/accelerate commands.

This is a common message and in most cases it just means that the drone works harder than normal. However, in a few isolated cases this was observed shortly before a crash.

Consider decreasing altitude and flying less aggressively. If the problem persists, land immediately.

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Posted 2 months ago
Had this today and my drone crashed.

Firs i had this error "Motor error. Check propellers and fly with caution (Code: 120652)".
Then this "Aircraft max power load reached. Decrease altitude and fly with caution. If this issue persists, land immediately (Code: 30168)."

Tried to land but it wasn't responding, it was increasing altitude by itself and then it stopped and crashed.

The last error on the flight report notifications is "Not Enough Force/ESC Error"
Paul Hentschel
5 votes, posted 2 months ago
Motor Speed Errors my come from damaged or wrong installed propellers. Try to replace the whole set and install new ones.

I also had the problem while flying in low temp situation with high humidity (fog). Because of the wind-chill-effect on the fast moving propellers, they're freezing on thousands of little ice crystals. The Drone trys to increase the motor speed to compensate the flow drop of the propellers airstream ... if the freezing is too strong and even the motor itself is affected by the freezing, Motor Blocking errors shows up on the Log (30165).

If the ESC can not compensate the insufficient Air Stream Power, the drone will stop motors and drop of the sky.
Thomas Brandner
1 vote, posted 2 weeks ago
Exactly the same situation on my side ... cold and foggy :-)
Thx for sharing this info!
Posted a month ago
Then i suppose the "Low Risk" severity is not pretty accurate.
mauro martinelli
Posted a month ago
tive esse problema hj de erro de Not+Enough+Force/ESC+Error. o drone começou a baixar sozinho mas consegui trazer ele de volta
Rodolphe CABON
Posted 3 weeks ago
had this 2 xeeks ago and my drone crashed also.
Immediatly after this, drone fell down.