"Aircraft max power load reached. Decrease altitude and fly with caution. If this issue persists, land immediately (Code: 30168)"

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Severity: Low Risk

   Low severity, impact on safety is likely not significant

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Paul Hentschel
1 vote, posted 2 months ago
Motor Speed Errors my often come from damaged or wrong installed propellers. Sometimes even new propellers are not working even propper. The ESC is permanently checking the power to produce the actual Airstream of the 4 motors. If it is not sufficient enough to hold the drone in flight, the 30168 will show up in LOG. Try to replace the whole propeller set and install new ones.

I also had the problem while flying in low temp situation with high humidity (fog). Because of the wind-chill-effect on the fast moving propellers, they're freezing on thousands of little ice crystals. The Drone trys to increase the motor speed to compensate the flow drop of the propellers airstream ... if the freezing is too strong and even the motor itself is affected by the freezing, Motor Blocking errors also shows up on the Log (30165).

If the ESC can not compensate the insufficient Air Stream Power, the drone will stop motors and drop of the sky.
Posted 4 months ago
So does anyone know what this means? Just encountered it for the first time today. It was fairly windy, AND I had it in Sport mode (which I seldom do) ... maybe because of these two factors it was saying the motors were going as hard as they could? I was flying out into the wind (as one generally should).
Sean Chang
Posted 4 months ago
This is most common in Mavic Mini. Small motors. Can't clime.
iain kaleda
Posted 4 months ago
Had this error twice now, both on fairly calm days.