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DJI Fly for iOS

This help article describes how to use the AirData mobile app to synchronize your DJI Fly flights with AirData when using an iPhone or iPad.

We also discuss a very important setting in DJI Fly (see bottom) that needs to be disabled.

Downloading the AirData iOS app

Please download the AirData UAV app from the App Store.

Log into the app with your AirData credentials. Note that the person who is logged into the AirData app will be who the flights are assigned to as the Pilot-in-Command when they are uploaded.

Once logged in, tap on the menu in the top-left corner.

hamburger menu

Next, tap on “Settings.”

airdata ios app settings

Please enable “Auto Sync DJI Fly Logs.”

enable auto sync airdata ios app

After enabling “Auto Sync DJI Fly Logs”, you will be prompted to allow AirData to access the DJI Fly folder on your iOS device — to do so, go to "On My iPhone" "DJI Fly", then tap on "Done."

airdata permissions for dji fly

IMPORTANT: if you do not grant access to the DJI Fly folder, AirData will not be able to synchronize your flights.

auto sync flight records

Syncing your flight logs

While on the settings page, tap on “Sync Now” to begin synchronizing your flights.

sync now airdata ios app

If you minimize AirData, the sync process will continue but may be interrupted. If you close the AirData app completely, the sync will stop.

Q: Do I need to open AirData to sync my flights each time I fly?

A: Yes, once you open the AirData app, flights will begin to synchronize. You can also force a sync by tapping on “Sync Now” on the settings page.

Q: I share my iOS device with another pilot. Can AirData assign the flights to the correct pilots?

A: Yes, please log into the app with your AirData credentials before flying. AirData will assign the flights to the pilot that is logged into the AirData app when the flights are conducted.

DJI Fly settings (preventing cropped flights)

Please see the two methods below for syncing your DJI Fly logs with AirData.

Syncing with Direct DJI Sync (old method)

DJI Fly has the ability to sync your flights with DJI's cloud. However, there is a known issue with DJI where DJI uploads the flights prematurely, resulting in cropped flights on your AirData account.

This method of first syncing your flights with DJI's cloud is what we refer to as Direct DJI Sync.

Syncing with the AirData iOS app (new method)

Direct DJI Sync is no longer needed for your DJI Fly flights as the new AirData iOS app can sync your flights directly with your AirData account!

Now that the AirData app syncs your DJI Fly logs, please disable "Auto-sync flight records" in DJI Fly, which will ensure that Direct DJI Sync is not used (preventing cropped flights from uploading to your account).

To disable , please open DJI Fly and go to "Profile" "Settings" "Sync Flight Data" "Auto-sync Flight Records."

disable auto sync dji fly

Q: What happens if "Auto-sync Flight Records" is enabled in DJI Fly?

A: You may see duplicate flights on your AirData account — the full flight synced with the AirData app and the cropped flight synced with DJI Fly.

Q: Is there a way to keep "Auto-sync Flight Records" enabled in DJI Fly without getting duplicate flights on AirData?

A: You can remove your DJI credentials from your AirData account here (if previously added), as this will prevent AirData from retrieving your logs from DJI's cloud. Please note that removing credentials that are currently being used with other DJI flight apps (GO 4, Pilot, etc.) will prevent AirData from retrieving flight logs from those apps.

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Nick La Galle
Posted 2 weeks ago
this is great! can you also do the same for Autel logs too??
Trevor Hall
Posted a week ago
Hi Nick, thanks for the feedback! The ability to upload your Autel Explorer logs directly to AirData when using an iOS device is on our roadmap. In the meantime, feel free to visit this page for our current instructions on uploading Autel Explorer flight logs when using an iOS device:

Also, please note that we currently support auto-upload of Autel Explorer flight logs with our AirData mobile app when using an Android device — instructions are found here:

AirData Support
Nick La Galle
Posted 7 days ago
i have that set up but sadly i have issues uploading to Autel cloud (ongoing). however I've seen that the flight records are stored on within Apple iOS so i have been uploading them manually.
Trevor Hall
Posted 6 days ago
Hi Nick, thanks for the additional information. Yes, you are correct that Autel Explorer flight logs are stored within the Files app on iOS. Please stay tuned for the ability to upload these files directly to AirData when using iOS!

AirData Support