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The color of the path represents the Amperage used during the flight. Placemarks (letters) are where notable voltage drops occured.   Click here for more help
  Standard Range Amp Map Flight Specific Full Range Amp Map

Amps:   Below 10A 10A to 15A 15A to 20A Above 20A
Volts:   Dropped 0.05v-0.1v   Dropped more than 0.1v   Voltage below 10v

  KML with Standard Range    KML with Flight Specific Full Range

 Flight time Altitude Home Distance Vertical Change Voltage Drop (per 0.1 sec)
A02m 00s82.0 ft   139 ftNone 0.06v
B02m 24s85.0 ft   294 ftNone 0.06v
C02m 49s99.7 ft   494 ftClimbing 0.05v
D06m 29s168.3 ft   1,922 ftNone 0.05v
E06m 42s168.3 ft   1,878 ftNone 0.05v
F07m 28s168.3 ft   1,776 ftNone 0.06v
G07m 34s168.0 ft   1,791 ftNone 0.05v
H07m 40s168.3 ft   1,822 ftNone 0.05v
I09m 01s168.3 ft   1,416 ftNone 0.05v
J10m 31s168.3 ft   554 ftNone 0.05v
K13m 20s178.5 ft   1,830 ftNone 0.05v
L15m 41s231.3 ft   1,410 ftNone 0.06v
M15m 52s236.5 ft   1,313 ftNone 0.05v
N17m 29s43.6 ft   218 ftNone 0.05v








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