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Signal Strength Map - green is good signal, orange is fair, red is poor and purple is very poor. It calculates signal strength based on the connection to the remote - it searches for signal loss based on minor signal interruptions:

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 Flight timeAltitudeHome Distance Minor Signal
Calculated Signal
A00m 35s0.0 ft   0 ft0100%
B01m 00s7.2 ft   6 ft0100%
C01m 30s75.5 ft   12 ft0100%
D02m 00s81.7 ft   134 ft0100%
E02m 30s87.3 ft   335 ft0100%
F03m 00s107.3 ft   569 ft0100%
G03m 30s132.9 ft   771 ft0100%
H04m 00s168.0 ft   909 ft0100%
I04m 30s167.6 ft   1,003 ft0100%
J05m 00s167.6 ft   1,282 ft0100%
K05m 30s167.6 ft   1,706 ft0100%
L06m 00s167.6 ft   1,997 ft0100%
M06m 30s168.3 ft   1,915 ft0100%
N07m 00s168.3 ft   1,873 ft1.7100%
O07m 30s168.3 ft   1,780 ft0100%
P08m 00s168.3 ft   1,908 ft1.7100%
Q08m 30s168.3 ft   1,837 ft0100%
R09m 00s168.3 ft   1,428 ft3.4100%
S09m 30s168.3 ft   945 ft9.5100%
T10m 00s168.0 ft   614 ft0100%
U10m 30s168.0 ft   563 ft0100%
V11m 00s168.3 ft   293 ft1.7100%
W11m 30s171.9 ft   905 ft0100%
X12m 00s178.8 ft   1,702 ft0100%
Y12m 30s177.8 ft   2,107 ft1.7100%
Z13m 00s178.5 ft   1,922 ft0100%
a13m 30s178.1 ft   1,838 ft0100%
b14m 00s180.8 ft   2,074 ft5.1100%
c14m 30s185.0 ft   2,112 ft0100%
d15m 00s198.8 ft   1,813 ft0100%
e15m 30s220.1 ft   1,508 ft0100%
f16m 00s238.5 ft   1,232 ft0100%
g16m 30s245.1 ft   655 ft0100%
h17m 00s74.8 ft   164 ft0100%
i17m 30s43.6 ft   215 ft0100%
j18m 00s13.1 ft   45 ft0100%