"Downward vision sensor error. Contact DJI Support for assistance (Code: 180016)"

Current Worldwide Frequency


Severity: Medium Risk

   Medium severity, more serious safety impact

Drone Types

DJI Air 2S
DJI Air 3
DJI Mavic 3
DJI Mavic 3 Classic
DJI Mavic 3 Pro
DJI Mavic Air 2
DJI Mavic Mini
DJI Mini 2
DJI Mini 2 SE
DJI Mini 3
DJI Mini 3 Pro
DJI Mini 4 Pro

Historical Worldwide Frequency
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Patrick Walsh
1 vote, posted 4 years ago
Got this for the first time today, What could be the cause of this? Could high winds cause it?
1 vote, posted 3 years ago
when i turn on the craft , this message suddenly appeared
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