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Viewing images with the Global Media Manager

The Global Media Manager allows you to view all images in one location.

Aside from looking great, the Global Media Manager is much more than your traditional photo gallery. Designed to be functional at its roots, the Global Media Manager allows you to locate flights quicker, stay organized, and access crucial information within seconds.

Using the Global Media Manager

Once you're logged into your AirData account, simply navigate to MEDIA and GLOBAL MEDIA MANAGER.

Viewing the images

Your most recent image will be what you are greeted with at the top of the page. Zoom in and out of this featured image with the +/- icons and reset the image size with the "home" icon.

image annotations

Viewing image location

Clicking on the location icon in the bottom left will show where that image was taken on a map, with a helpful camera view angle overlay.

camera angle

Downloading images and accessing flights

Directly beneath the featured image, you are able to download it or click on "Go to flight". It can be tough to remember what events took place on certain flights. Being able to quickly scan your images and navigate to a specific flight is a feature we are very excited about!

Image information

To the right, we are able to see information about the selected image. Click on the triangle to view important data; such as the exact location, camera heading, and the time during the flight the image was taken.

image metadata

Viewing thumbnails

Scrolling down, you can see that the image thumbnails reside in the center. Choose how many of these images to display by clicking on the "Per Page" dropdown.

Searching the images

As you can see from the list on the left-hand side, we offer many different ways to search for your media.

Want to see all images that were taken at a recent job? Simply type in the address, set the search radius, and displayed will be all associated images for that job.

Want to see the images for all of your training flights? Simply search for tags and any text that you may have included within the "Add Flight Description" field.

Saving a search

We've seen how easy it is to filter your images, but saving a search will make the process even quicker.

Type in your search parameters, click on "Save Search", and proceed to name it. Once saved, you will see it displayed beneath the featured image. Instead of typing in the information each time you would like to see the progress images for that job, just click on the name of the saved search to bring them up.

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