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What Are Shared Access Pilots?
Each AirData plan allows for a certain amount of "Shared Access Pilots". These Shared Access Pilots can be added to an account to upload flight logs, but will not have login capabilities.

A Shared Access Pilot can upload flights to an AirData account by using their AirData Auto Upload Token. When the Shared Access Pilot logs into the AirData app with their Auto Upload Token, the flights they conduct will be assigned to their pilot profile on AirData.

Why use Shared Access Pilots?
Shared Access Pilots are great for smaller operations, where it’s not necessary for each pilot to have login capabilities. The primary user on the account can still keep track of all flights and identify who the Pilot-in-Command was.

The table below outlines how many Shared Access Pilots are allowed on each AirData plan.

AirData PlanFreeHD 360 LiteHD 360 GoldHD 360 ProEnterprise
Shared Access Pilots*0*0*1*3*Unlimited Login

*This number is in addition to your account's primary user. Only the primary user has login privileges for Free - HD 360 Pro plans. Our Enterprise plan offers unlimited pilots with login access.

Q: What if multiple pilots need the ability to log in to the same AirData account?
A: Our Enterprise plan allows for unlimited pilots and unlimited logins.

Q: What if multiple Shared Access Pilots used the same Auto Upload Token?
A: This would result in inaccurate record-keeping as the flights would be assigned to the pilot who is connected with the used Auto Upload Token on AirData, regardless of who actually conducted the flights.

Q: I am a Shared Access Pilot. How do I locate my Auto Upload Token?
A: The primary user on your account can locate your Token by logging in and going to "My Account" → "Users/Pilots". Your Token is listed next to your name and email.

Q: Can I sync my pilots' flights directly from their manufacturer cloud account to my AirData account?
A: Yes. If your pilots are comfortable sharing their credentials for DJI, Autel, etc., you can connect multiple manufacturer logins to your AirData account. Currently, AirData can pull flights from the cloud accounts of DJI (including DJI SmartFarm), Autel, Parrot, Skydio, and Sony.
Please see this help article on setting up DJI -> AirData sync. (These instructions apply to most other manufacturers, as well). :
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