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Retiring a drone

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This help article outlines how to retire a drone and how this will affect your AirData account.

How to retire a drone/battery

To "retire" a drone/battery, you simply need to change its operational status on AirData.

Navigate to "EQUIPMENT" "DRONES/BATTERIES" and select the desired drone/battery. Click on "Edit Drone/Battery Details" and select "No" under "Operational". Click on "Save Drone/Battery Details" and the drone/battery will move to the bottom of the list. See the video below for a demonstration.

Behavior of operational and non-operational equipment

The table below outlines how the equipment will be affected if they are changed to non-operational.

Operational/non-operational equipment
Operational Non-operational
Counts against HD 360 plan quotas
Shows in "Drone:" dropdown on the "Overview" tab on "MY LOGS" "FLIGHTS"
Included in the data on the "Overview" tab on "MY LOGS" "FLIGHTS"
Flights appear under "MY LOGS" "FLIGHTS"
Searchable with the Advanced Search Tool
Can be included in a report
Can assign to a new mission
Appears in the maintenance section
Eligible for maintenance alerts
Eligible for equipment alerts
Eligible for pilot behavior alerts
Flights count toward pilot hours
Included in the "MY BADGE" data


Question Answer

If I change the status of a drone to non-operational, will its batteries automatically be changed to non-operational?

No, you will need to manually change the status of the batteries.


If I change the status of my equipment to non-operational, can I revert it back to operational in the future?



Can I add notes or upload documents to an equipment profile that is non-operational?



I sold my drone. Should I delete its profile and flights from AirData or should I change its status to non-operational?

We highly recommend changing its status to non-operational as this allows you to retain a record of its flights/maintenance – great for compliance!

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