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Manually upload DJI GO, GO 4, Pilot, and Fly

For iOS

This help article demonstrates how to manually upload flight logs to AirData from the following flight apps when using an iOS device:

  • DJI GO
  • DJI GO 4
  • DJI Pilot
  • DJI Fly

Please note that AirData also supports auto-upload of DJI flight logs. Please visit this page for instructions on auto-upload.

Connecting your iPhone/iPad with your computer

After plugging your iPhone/iPad into your computer, select your device:

For Apple: open the "Finder" application and select your iOS device under "Locations."

For PC: open "File Explorer" and select your iOS device under "This PC."

ios device finder

Select "Files" and click on the arrow next to the appropriate DJI flight app.

select dji flight app for manual upload

Next, drag and drop the "FlightRecords" folder to a location on your computer. For this example, we will drag and drop the FlightRecords folder to our desktop.

drag and drop flightrecords

Moving the FlightRecords folder to your computer will not remove the original folder from your iOS device.

Manually uploading logs to AirData

Log into your AirData account and go to "MY LOGS" -> "UPLOAD", or click here.

You can either drag and drop the records contained within the "FlightRecords" folder to this page, or you can click "OR SELECT FILES."

drag and drop logs

For this example, we will select the records from the "FlightRecords" folder on the desktop. Choose the Pilot-in-Command for these flights, and proceed to upload.

manually select flights to upload

Next, upload more flights, or proceed to view the uploaded flights.

continue to flights

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