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Device Compatibility for LAANC on Mobile

Feature availability

LAANC authorization is now available in the AirData UAV mobile app for Enterprise users on Android phones/tablets and newer Android-based remote controllers.

Android users with Google Play Store access can find the newest versions in the the Google Play Store.

Users on Android-based remote controllers without the Google Play Store can download the AirData UAV APK from our website.

iOS/iPadOS users can find the latest versions of the AirData UAV app on the Apple App Store.

*The latest versions have introduced some major new features. We recommend that users sign out and sign back in to their AirData UAV apps after updating so as to refresh their app settings.




Compatible with all up-to-date iOS and iPadOS devices.

Android Phone/Tablet

Available in Google Play Store. Compatible with all devices running Android 9 and above.

Remote Controllers

Compatible with newer remote controllers running Android 9 and above:
DJI RC Plus; DJI RC Pro; DJI RC Pro Enterprise

Not compatible with older remote controllers running Android 8 and below:
DJI CrystalSky; DJI Smart Controller; DJI Smart Controller Enterprise; DJI Agras Controller; DJI Phantom 4 Controller

**As of Sep 1, 2023, LAANC on the AirData UAV mobile app is only available on newer Android devices running Android 9 or newer. The team is currently working on extending this feature to devices running Android versions 8 and older.

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