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This article provides instructions for Direct DJI Sync, which is the process for uploading DJI Fly flight logs from the DJI RC/RC 2 to AirData.

As a general overview: When you complete a flight, the DJI Fly app generates a log and stores it on the DJI RC/RC 2. To upload the flight log to AirData, the log needs to first be synced with DJI's servers. AirData can then retrieve the log from DJI's servers.

Adding DJI credentials to AirData

  1. Click "My Account" to access your account settings:

  2. In the account settings, click the DJI Login:

  3. Click "Add a new DJI Login":

  4. Then, enter the DJI credentials that you currently use in DJI Fly:

Syncing your flights with DJI's servers

To sync your flights with DJI's servers, open DJI Fly and go to Profile -> Settings -> Sync Flight Data, and enable "Auto-sync Flight Records".

Leaving "Auto-sync Flight Records" enabled at all times is only recommended if your DJI RC/RC 2 is not connected to the internet during flights. The reason is due to a known DJI Fly cropped flight issue.

If your DJI RC/RC 2 is connected to the internet during the flight(s), we recommend disabling "Auto-sync Flight Records" before you conduct flights, and enabling it when you are finished flying. This will ensure that flights are not cropped.

If your DJI RC/RC 2 is not connected to the internet while flying, you can leave "Auto-sync Flight Records" enabled permanently.

AirData - DJI sync frequency

Your DJI flights will automatically sync on your first login each day (to the web app or mobile app), as well as automatically once a week.

You can also click on "Sync" or "Sync All" on the DJI Login page to force a sync between AirData and DJI.

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