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Creating an Equipment Report

Equipment Reports allow you to view or download a list of your equipment. This help page will demonstrate how to create an Equipment Report, turn the created report into a template for reuse, and schedule it to be delivered automatically on a regular basis.

Creating an Equipment Report

Head to "MY LOGS" -> "REPORTS" and select "Equipment Report."

equipment report

Proceed to configure the Equipment Report settings

equipment report settings

Provide a name for this report.

Include all equipment or just the equipment used in the last 6, 12, or 24 months.

Include just drones, just batteries, or all equipment.

Choose to include or exclude operational equipment.

Toggle the slider next to each field to include or exclude this information.

Select your units.

Choose how this information will be sorted on the report.

When you're finished adjusting the settings, click on "Continue."

The next page will display a list of the equipment that will be included in the report. When you're ready to proceed, click on "Finalize/Save."

equipment report preview

You've now created your Equipment Report! Note that you can view the report or download it in CSV format (compatible with Excel).

download equipment report

Creating a template for reuse

Notice that in the above image, you can click on "Save As Template" at the top right - when you click on it, provide a name for the template and hit "Save Template." You will now see the template under the templates tab.

create equipment report template

example template

Creating a schedule for auto-delivery

Now that we have created an Equipment Report and turned it into a template, we can schedule that template to automatically be delivered to people on a frequency of our choosing.

Select the template, and click the blue button at the bottom that says "Schedule Report."

schedule equipment report

Provide a name, and select how often you would like the report to be sent and in what file format. Under "Recipients", add as many emails as necessary. Add any desired notes, and click on "Save" to create the schedule.

save equipment report schedule

You can always edit the schedule by clicking on the report under the "Schedules" tab.

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