Direct DJI Sync

Sync your DJI GO flights with Airdata automatically by using our Direct DJI Sync, as an alternative to installing our HD Sync App on your Android or iOS device.

Instead of having to connect your device to a desktop computer and transfer the files manually, this will sync the flights directly to for you.

To enjoy this new sync method, please follow the instructions below.


Initial Configuration After Flying FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is better - the Direct DJI Sync, or using the HD Sync App on my phone/tablet?

    Answer: There are pros and cons for each method, here's a summary of each:

    HD Sync for Android and HD Sync for DJI CrystalSky

      • Will upload flights to Airdata as soon as the flight lands (or as soon as network is available)
      • Fully automatic - set up once and flights will synchronize automatically moving forward
      • No need to sync DJI GO with the DJI cloud after flying
      • No need to provide/enter DJI credentials

      • Does not work on Phantom 4 Pro+

    HD Sync for iOS

      • Your DJI Credentials are not saved on our servers - but are saved only on your phone/tablet

      • Need to sync DJI GO with the DJI cloud after flying
      • Need to sync with Airdata after syncing with DJI GO
      • Does not work on built-in devices such as Phantom 4 Pro+ or the CrystalSky tablet

    Direct DJI Sync

      • No need to install any extra sync app on your tablet/phone
      • Works with built-in devices such as Phantom 4 Pro+ or the CrystalSky tablet
      • Supports multiple DJI credentials and pilots
      • Automatically sync when you login to Airdata and automatically once a week

      • Need to sync DJI GO after flying

  2. Where are my flights? I just configured DJI Direct Sync but I don't see my recent flights on Airdata.

    Answer: Make sure to first sync the flights in DJI GO, so that all the recent flights are uploaded to the DJI servers. Otherwise, DJI Direct Sync will not be able to download the most recent flights.

    To learn how to sync DJI GO, see the instructions After Flying.

  3. I have multiple devices (tablets or phones), can DJI Direct Sync handle this?

    Answer: Yes, the Airdata backend will handle this properly, making sure you only have one copy of each flight.
    We will also automatically associate the flight with the right drone, battery and pilot, regardless of what phone/tablet was used.

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