Direct DJI Sync

Sync your DJI GO, DJI Fly and DJI Pilot flights with Airdata automatically.

Instead of having to connect your device to a desktop computer and transfer the files manually, this will sync the flights directly to for you.

This is the recommended auto-sync method for iOS users.

How does it work?
Airdata will download your flights from the DJI Cloud. On iOS devices, due to the secure Apple sandboxed environment, our mobile app is not able to read the log files on the device itself (which is possible on Android). Therefore, the DJI cloud must be used to synchronize flights.

If you prefer to avoid sending data to DJI, you can use 3rd party flight apps that we have partnered with, which will upload their flight logs directly to Airdata automatically without sending those to DJI.

Are you using Android, SmartController or CrystalSky? Check out our Android Mobile App which can sync flights directly to Airdata, without using the DJI Cloud.



Initial Configuration After Flying FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I don't see my recent flights on Airdata, why?

    Answer: The most common 3 reasons are:

    1. Forgot to Sync DJI: After flying, be sure to synchronize your flights to the DJI Cloud, as explained here. If you forgot to do so, Airdata will not be able to retrieve the latest flights.

    2. Multi DJI Login: You may be using multiple DJI Logins: Double check that the login you use in the DJI App is the same as the one you entered in Airdata. To double check, logout of DJI GO/Fly/Pilot and relogin. If you have more than one DJI Login, simply add all DJI Logins to Airdata.

    3. DJI Issues: Occasionally, the DJI Cloud will experience outages and issues. In many cases, it will not be immediately clear to the user that there are issues: When you click Sync in the DJI apps - it will look like everything worked, but in fact, the flights did not sync. In that case - simply try again in a few hours.

  2. I have the old HD Sync app, do I still need it?

    Answer: While the old HD Sync will continue to work, to prevent conflicts and confusion, we recommend uninstalling it. For example, the old HD Sync app may upload flights with a different token than the one configured on either Airdata Sync or the Android Airdata App, causing the wrong pilot to be assigned to a flight.

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