Airdata App

Follow these instructions in order to install our new Airdata mobile app.

The Android app replaces the older HD Sync app (there is no longer need to install the Android HD Sync). Our new iOS app will include flight syncing soon.

Please choose your platform:

iOS App Store
Android Play Store
DJI Smart Controller
DJI CrystalSky

The Airdata Android app will auto-sync logs of these flight apps:

  • Autel Explorer
  • EVO and EVO2
  • DJI GO
  • Both DJI GO 3 and DJI GO 4
  • DJI Pilot
  • DJI Fly
  • Including the Mavic Mini
  • Pix4D flight logs

  • The following DJI integrated devices are supported and will auto sync flights:

  • DJI P4A+
  • DJI P4P+

  • Older Android?
    Download APK installation for older Androids here:
    Don't want to install an app?
    As an alternative to using an app, you can configure auto-sync of flight logs:

  • AUTEL - Set Autel Login, as explained here

  • DJI - Set DJI Login, as explained here

  • PARROT - Set Parrot Login

  • Mobile App Screenshots:

    * Live streaming is an Enterprise plan optional add-on.