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Measured:Aug 17th, 2017, 5pm - 8pm
QuietUnsettledActiveStormyMajor Storm

The Kp Index measures geomagnetic disruption caused by solar activity around the world, on a scale from 0 (calm) to 9 (major storm).

The higher the Kp index, the more likely the drone is to have problems.

Kp of 0 - 4Generally safe
Kp of 4 - 6May experience minor GPS issues
Kp of 6 - 7May lose a single satellite lock and may cause inaccurate location readings, radio/control interference possible
Kp of 7+Unsafe. You may lose multiple satellite locks. Higher chance of inaccurate location readings, severe radio range impact, and onboard electronics interference

Source: GFZ and NOAA






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