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The following map shows the locations where videos/photos were taken.
The triangle indicates the direction:

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  Flight timeAltitudeHome DistanceGimbal PitchGimbal HeadingType
A01m 18s165.2 m192 m89.9° down88°    Photo    
B01m 19s164.9 m191 m90° down47°    Photo    
C01m 20s163.6 m191 m89.9° down41°    Photo    
D01m 22s161.7 m191 m90° down40°    Photo    
E01m 23s159.6 m192 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
F01m 27s154.4 m203 m90° down39°    Photo    
G01m 29s152.7 m209 m90° down39°    Photo    
H01m 30s151.0 m215 m90° down39°    Photo    
I01m 31s149.6 m222 m90° down39°    Photo    
J01m 33s147.6 m231 m90° down39°    Photo    
K01m 34s145.6 m240 m90° down39°    Photo    
L01m 36s144.1 m250 m90° down39°    Photo    
M01m 37s142.8 m260 m90° down39°    Photo    
N01m 38s141.4 m270 m90° down39°    Photo    
O01m 40s139.8 m281 m90° down39°    Photo    
P01m 41s138.7 m291 m90° down39°    Photo    
Q01m 42s137.3 m302 m90° down39°    Photo    
R01m 44s135.8 m315 m90° down39°    Photo    
S01m 45s134.6 m326 m90° down39°    Photo    
T01m 46s133.2 m338 m90° down39°    Photo    
U01m 48s131.6 m351 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
V01m 49s130.4 m363 m90° down39°    Photo    
W01m 50s129.3 m376 m90° down39°    Photo    
X01m 52s127.8 m389 m90° down39°    Photo    
Y01m 53s126.2 m401 m90° down39°    Photo    
Z01m 54s124.7 m415 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
a01m 56s123.2 m428 m90° down39°    Photo    
b01m 57s121.3 m441 m90° down39°    Photo    
c01m 58s119.4 m455 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
d02m 00s117.7 m468 m90° down39°    Photo    
e02m 01s115.7 m482 m90° down39°    Photo    
f02m 02s114.0 m495 m90° down39°    Photo    
g02m 04s112.1 m508 m90° down39°    Photo    
h02m 08s106.0 m552 m90° down39°    Photo    
i02m 09s104.0 m565 m90° down39°    Photo    
j02m 10s102.2 m579 m90° down39°    Photo    
k02m 12s100.5 m593 m90° down39°    Photo    
l02m 13s99.3 m607 m90° down39°    Photo    
m02m 14s97.9 m620 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
n02m 16s96.2 m637 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
o02m 17s95.0 m651 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
p02m 19s93.6 m666 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
q02m 20s92.0 m682 m90° down39°    Photo    
r02m 21s90.7 m695 m90° down39°    Photo    
s02m 23s89.4 m710 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
t02m 24s88.0 m724 m90° down39°    Photo    
u02m 25s86.6 m738 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
v02m 27s85.3 m753 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
w02m 28s84.0 m767 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
x02m 30s82.6 m782 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
y02m 31s81.3 m796 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
z02m 34s78.5 m825 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
A02m 35s76.2 m839 m90° down39°    Photo    
B02m 36s73.1 m853 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
C02m 38s69.9 m867 m90° down39°    Photo    
D02m 39s66.3 m883 m90° down39°    Photo    
E02m 40s63.1 m898 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
F02m 42s60.2 m912 m90° down39°    Photo    
G02m 43s57.2 m925 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
H02m 44s54.3 m940 m90° down39°    Photo    
I02m 46s53.9 m954 m90° down39°    Photo    
J02m 47s53.5 m970 m90° down39°    Photo    
K02m 48s53.0 m984 m90° down39°    Photo    
L02m 50s52.4 m998 m90° down39°    Photo    
M02m 51s51.7 m1,013 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
N02m 52s51.1 m1,027 m90° down39°    Photo    
O02m 54s50.4 m1,041 m90° down39°    Photo    
P02m 55s49.9 m1,057 m90° down39°    Photo    
Q02m 56s49.3 m1,071 m90° down39°    Photo    
R02m 58s48.7 m1,085 m90° down39°    Photo    
S02m 59s48.1 m1,100 m90° down39°    Photo    
T03m 00s47.4 m1,114 m90° down39°    Photo    
U03m 02s46.6 m1,132 m90° down39°    Photo    
V03m 03s46.0 m1,146 m90° down39°    Photo    
W03m 05s45.7 m1,163 m90° down39°    Photo    
X03m 06s45.1 m1,178 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
Y03m 08s44.5 m1,194 m90° down39°    Photo    
Z03m 09s43.9 m1,208 m90° down39°    Photo    
a03m 10s43.3 m1,223 m90° down39°    Photo    
b03m 12s42.6 m1,238 m90° down39°    Photo    
c03m 13s42.1 m1,252 m90° down39°    Photo    
d03m 14s41.4 m1,268 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
e03m 16s40.9 m1,282 m90° down39°    Photo    
f03m 17s40.4 m1,297 m90° down39°    Photo    
g03m 18s39.8 m1,312 m90° down39°    Photo    
h03m 20s39.2 m1,326 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
i03m 21s38.5 m1,343 m90° down39°    Photo    
j03m 23s38.1 m1,358 m90° down39°    Photo    
k03m 24s37.4 m1,372 m90° down39°    Photo    
l03m 25s36.9 m1,386 m90° down39°    Photo    
m03m 28s35.8 m1,420 m90° down39°    Photo    
n03m 30s35.2 m1,434 m90° down39°    Photo    
o03m 31s34.7 m1,449 m90° down39°    Photo    
p03m 32s34.0 m1,464 m90° down39°    Photo    
q03m 34s33.4 m1,481 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
r03m 35s32.6 m1,495 m90° down39°    Photo    
s03m 37s32.2 m1,510 m90° down39°    Photo    
t03m 38s31.6 m1,525 m90° down39°    Photo    
u03m 39s30.9 m1,540 m90° down39°    Photo    
v03m 41s30.5 m1,554 m90° down39°    Photo    
w03m 42s29.9 m1,570 m90° down39°    Photo    
x03m 43s29.5 m1,584 m90° down39°    Photo    
y03m 45s29.0 m1,598 m90° down39°    Photo    
z03m 46s28.5 m1,614 m90° down39°    Photo    
A03m 47s28.3 m1,628 m90° down39°    Photo    
B03m 49s27.8 m1,642 m90° down39°    Photo    
C03m 50s27.4 m1,658 m90° down39°    Photo    
D03m 51s26.9 m1,672 m90° down39°    Photo    
E03m 53s26.3 m1,688 m90° down39°    Photo    
F03m 54s26.1 m1,702 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
G03m 55s25.7 m1,716 m90° down39°    Photo    
H03m 57s25.1 m1,732 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
I03m 58s24.6 m1,746 m90° down39°    Photo    
J03m 59s24.2 m1,761 m90° down39°    Photo    
K04m 01s23.7 m1,778 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
L04m 02s23.2 m1,793 m90° down39°    Photo    
M04m 04s22.7 m1,808 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
N04m 05s22.2 m1,822 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
O04m 06s21.8 m1,837 m90° down39°    Photo    
P04m 08s21.3 m1,852 m90° down39°    Photo    
Q04m 09s20.9 m1,867 m90° down39°    Photo    
R04m 12s20.1 m1,899 m90° down39°    Photo    
S04m 13s19.5 m1,917 m90° down39°    Photo    
T04m 15s18.8 m1,931 m90° down39°    Photo    
U04m 16s18.6 m1,946 m90° down39°    Photo    
V04m 17s18.1 m1,961 m90° down39°    Photo    
W04m 19s17.3 m1,976 m90° down39°    Photo    
X04m 20s16.9 m1,990 m90° down39°    Photo    
Y04m 21s16.7 m2,005 m90° down39°    Photo    
Z04m 23s16.1 m2,020 m90° down39°    Photo    
a04m 24s15.7 m2,035 m90° down39°    Photo    
b04m 25s15.1 m2,050 m90° down39°    Photo    
c04m 27s14.6 m2,064 m90° down39°    Photo    
d04m 28s14.2 m2,080 m90° down39°    Photo    
e04m 29s13.8 m2,094 m90° down39°    Photo    
f04m 31s13.4 m2,108 m90° down39°    Photo    
g04m 32s13.1 m2,124 m90° down39°    Photo    
h04m 33s12.5 m2,138 m90° down39°    Photo    
i04m 35s11.9 m2,154 m90° down39°    Photo    
j04m 36s11.6 m2,168 m90° down39°    Photo    
k04m 37s11.4 m2,182 m90° down39°    Photo    
l04m 39s11.0 m2,198 m90° down39°    Photo    
m04m 40s10.3 m2,212 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
n04m 41s10.3 m2,227 m90° down39°    Photo    
o04m 43s10.5 m2,242 m90° down39°    Photo    
p04m 44s11.1 m2,257 m90° down39°    Photo    
q04m 46s11.7 m2,272 m90° down39°    Photo    
r04m 47s12.6 m2,286 m90° down39°    Photo    
s04m 48s13.1 m2,300 m90° down39°    Photo    
t04m 50s13.7 m2,316 m90° down39°    Photo    
u04m 51s14.4 m2,330 m90° down39°    Photo    
v04m 52s15.0 m2,345 m90° down39°    Photo    
w04m 54s16.0 m2,360 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
x04m 57s17.7 m2,400 m90° down39°    Photo    
y04m 59s18.2 m2,416 m90° down39°    Photo    
z05m 00s18.9 m2,430 m90° down39°    Photo    
A05m 01s19.7 m2,446 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
B05m 03s20.5 m2,460 m90° down39°    Photo    
C05m 04s21.4 m2,474 m90° down39°    Photo    
D05m 05s22.1 m2,489 m90° down39°    Photo    
E05m 07s22.4 m2,504 m90° down39°    Photo    
F05m 08s22.7 m2,518 m90° down39°    Photo    
G05m 09s23.5 m2,534 m90° down39°    Photo    
H05m 11s24.4 m2,548 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
I05m 12s25.1 m2,564 m90° down39°    Photo    
J05m 13s25.9 m2,578 m90° down39°    Photo    
K05m 15s26.4 m2,592 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
L05m 16s27.0 m2,606 m90° down39°    Photo    
M05m 17s27.8 m2,622 m90° down39°    Photo    
N05m 19s28.3 m2,636 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
O05m 20s29.2 m2,652 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
P05m 21s29.7 m2,666 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
Q05m 23s30.3 m2,681 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
R05m 24s31.0 m2,696 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
S05m 25s31.7 m2,710 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
T05m 27s32.4 m2,725 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
U05m 28s32.2 m2,741 m90° down39°    Photo    
V05m 29s31.5 m2,754 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
W05m 31s30.6 m2,769 m90° down39°    Photo    
X05m 32s29.6 m2,784 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
Y05m 33s28.8 m2,799 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
Z05m 35s27.9 m2,815 m90° down39°    Photo    
a05m 36s26.9 m2,830 m90° down39°    Photo    
b05m 37s25.9 m2,845 m90° down39°    Photo    
c05m 39s25.1 m2,859 m90° down39°    Photo    
d05m 40s24.1 m2,875 m90° down39°    Photo    
e05m 42s23.0 m2,891 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
f05m 43s22.4 m2,905 m90° down39°    Photo    
g05m 44s21.5 m2,919 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
h05m 45s20.6 m2,934 m90° down39°    Photo    
i05m 48s18.6 m2,967 m90° down39°    Photo    
j05m 50s17.7 m2,982 m90° down39°    Photo    
k05m 51s16.7 m2,997 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
l05m 52s15.9 m3,011 m90° down39°    Photo    
m05m 54s15.3 m3,026 m90° down39°    Photo    
n05m 55s14.5 m3,040 m90° down40°    Photo    
o05m 56s13.6 m3,055 m90° down40°    Photo    
p05m 58s12.5 m3,070 m90° down40°    Photo    
q05m 59s11.5 m3,086 m90° down40°    Photo    
r06m 00s11.0 m3,099 m90° down40°    Photo    
s06m 02s10.5 m3,115 m90° down40°    Photo    
t06m 03s9.8 m3,130 m90° down40°    Photo    
u06m 05s9.2 m3,146 m90° down40°    Photo    
v06m 07s8.3 m3,174 m90° down40°    Photo    
w06m 09s7.5 m3,189 m90° down40°    Photo    
x06m 10s7.0 m3,203 m90° down39°    Photo    
y06m 12s6.6 m3,220 m89.9° down39°    Photo    
z06m 13s6.0 m3,229 m90° down39°    Photo    
A06m 14s6.2 m3,235 m89.9° down20°    Photo    
B06m 15s6.2 m3,238 m90° down337°    Photo    
C06m 17s6.9 m3,238 m90° down320°    Photo    
D06m 18s7.3 m3,239 m90° down318°    Photo    
E06m 19s7.7 m3,240 m90° down317°    Photo    
F06m 21s8.5 m3,241 m90° down317°    Photo    
G06m 22s9.2 m3,243 m89.9° down316°    Photo    
H06m 23s9.4 m3,244 m90° down316°    Photo    
I06m 25s9.9 m3,242 m90° down296°    Photo    
J06m 26s10.5 m3,237 m90° down251°    Photo    
K06m 28s11.2 m3,226 m90° down225°    Photo    
L06m 29s11.9 m3,212 m90° down221°    Photo    
M06m 30s12.5 m3,198 m90° down220°    Photo    
N06m 33s14.5 m3,168 m90° down220°    Photo    
O06m 34s15.3 m3,153 m90° down220°    Photo    
P06m 35s16.0 m3,138 m90° down220°    Photo    
Q06m 37s16.9 m3,124 m90° down220°    Photo    
R06m 38s17.7 m3,108 m90° down219°    Photo    
S06m 39s18.6 m3,094 m90° down219°    Photo    
T06m 41s19.8 m3,079 m90° down219°    Photo    
U06m 42s20.3 m3,064 m90° down219°    Photo    
V06m 44s21.5 m3,048 m90° down219°    Photo    
W06m 45s22.7 m3,034 m90° down219°    Photo    
X06m 46s23.3 m3,019 m90° down219°    Photo    
Y06m 48s24.3 m3,004 m90° down219°    Photo    
Z06m 49s25.4 m2,990 m90° down219°    Photo    
a06m 50s26.3 m2,974 m90° down219°    Photo    
b06m 52s27.0 m2,960 m90° down219°    Photo    
c06m 53s27.8 m2,945 m90° down219°    Photo    
d06m 54s28.6 m2,930 m90° down219°    Photo    
e06m 56s29.6 m2,916 m90° down219°    Photo    
f06m 57s30.8 m2,900 m90° down219°    Photo    
g06m 58s31.5 m2,886 m90° down219°    Photo    
h07m 00s32.3 m2,872 m90° down218°    Photo    
i07m 01s33.2 m2,856 m90° down218°    Photo    
j07m 02s33.4 m2,842 m90° down218°    Photo    
k07m 04s33.1 m2,826 m90° down218°    Photo    
l07m 05s32.5 m2,812 m90° down218°    Photo    
m07m 06s32.0 m2,797 m90° down218°    Photo    
n07m 08s31.4 m2,782 m90° down218°    Photo    
o07m 09s30.9 m2,768 m90° down218°    Photo    
p07m 12s29.2 m2,733 m90° down217°    Photo    
q07m 13s28.8 m2,718 m90° down217°    Photo    
r07m 15s28.2 m2,704 m90° down217°    Photo    
s07m 16s27.6 m2,690 m90° down217°    Photo    
t07m 17s26.9 m2,674 m90° down217°    Photo    
u07m 19s26.3 m2,660 m90° down217°    Photo    
v07m 20s25.8 m2,645 m90° down217°    Photo    
w07m 21s25.1 m2,630 m90° down218°    Photo    
x07m 23s24.4 m2,616 m90° down218°    Photo    
y07m 24s23.7 m2,600 m90° down218°    Photo    
z07m 25s23.1 m2,586 m90° down218°    Photo    
A07m 27s22.5 m2,571 m90° down218°    Photo    
B07m 28s21.8 m2,556 m90° down218°    Photo    
C07m 29s21.2 m2,541 m90° down218°    Photo    
D07m 31s20.8 m2,527 m90° down218°    Photo    
E07m 32s20.1 m2,512 m90° down218°    Photo    
F07m 33s19.4 m2,497 m90° down218°    Photo    
G07m 35s18.9 m2,483 m90° down218°    Photo    
H07m 36s18.0 m2,467 m90° down218°    Photo    
I07m 37s17.6 m2,453 m90° down218°    Photo    
J07m 39s17.0 m2,439 m90° down218°    Photo    
K07m 40s16.3 m2,423 m90° down218°    Photo    
L07m 41s15.5 m2,409 m90° down218°    Photo    
M07m 43s14.9 m2,393 m90° down218°    Photo    
N07m 44s14.2 m2,379 m90° down218°    Photo    
O07m 45s13.6 m2,365 m90° down218°    Photo    
P07m 47s13.0 m2,349 m90° down218°    Photo    
Q07m 48s13.0 m2,335 m90° down218°    Photo    
R07m 49s13.9 m2,321 m90° down218°    Photo    
S07m 51s14.9 m2,305 m90° down218°    Photo    
T07m 52s15.8 m2,291 m90° down218°    Photo    
U07m 53s17.0 m2,275 m90° down218°    Photo    
V07m 55s18.0 m2,261 m90° down218°    Photo    
W07m 56s19.0 m2,246 m90° down218°    Photo    
X08m 01s23.2 m2,196 m90° down217°    Photo    
Y08m 02s24.0 m2,181 m90° down217°    Photo    
Z08m 03s25.3 m2,165 m90° down217°    Photo    
a08m 05s26.3 m2,151 m90° down217°    Photo    
b08m 06s27.6 m2,137 m90° down217°    Photo    
c08m 07s28.7 m2,122 m90° down217°    Photo    
d08m 09s29.7 m2,107 m90° down217°    Photo    
e08m 10s30.8 m2,091 m90° down217°    Photo    
f08m 13s33.5 m2,060 m90° down217°    Photo    
g08m 14s34.5 m2,046 m90° down217°    Photo    
h08m 16s34.9 m2,031 m90° down217°    Photo    
i08m 17s35.8 m2,016 m90° down217°    Photo    
j08m 18s35.8 m2,002 m90° down217°    Photo    
k08m 20s36.3 m1,986 m90° down217°    Photo    
l08m 21s36.8 m1,971 m90° down217°    Photo    
m08m 22s37.4 m1,957 m90° down217°    Photo    
n08m 24s38.2 m1,942 m90° down217°    Photo    
o08m 25s38.8 m1,928 m90° down217°    Photo    
p08m 26s39.0 m1,912 m90° down217°    Photo    
q08m 28s39.4 m1,897 m90° down218°    Photo    
r08m 29s40.3 m1,883 m90° down218°    Photo    
s08m 30s41.1 m1,868 m90° down217°    Photo    
t08m 32s41.5 m1,853 m90° down217°    Photo    
u08m 33s42.1 m1,839 m90° down217°    Photo    
v08m 34s42.4 m1,824 m90° down217°    Photo    
w08m 36s42.9 m1,808 m89.9° down217°    Photo    
x08m 38s44.2 m1,780 m90° down217°    Photo    
y08m 40s44.8 m1,765 m90° down216°    Photo    
z08m 41s45.1 m1,750 m90° down216°    Photo    
A08m 42s46.0 m1,735 m90° down216°    Photo    
B08m 44s46.6 m1,720 m90° down210°    Photo    
C08m 45s47.2 m1,706 m90° down209°    Photo    
D08m 46s47.5 m1,690 m90° down209°    Photo    
E08m 48s48.0 m1,676 m90° down208°    Photo    
F08m 49s48.5 m1,661 m90° down208°    Photo    
G08m 50s49.1 m1,647 m89.9° down208°    Photo    
H08m 52s49.5 m1,632 m90° down208°    Photo    
I08m 53s50.1 m1,617 m90° down208°    Photo    
J08m 54s50.7 m1,602 m90° down208°    Photo    
K08m 56s51.2 m1,589 m90° down208°    Photo    
L08m 57s51.8 m1,573 m90° down208°    Photo    
M08m 58s52.4 m1,559 m90° down208°    Photo    
N09m 00s52.7 m1,544 m90° down207°    Photo    
O09m 01s53.5 m1,526 m90° down208°    Photo    
P09m 03s54.3 m1,512 m90° down208°    Photo    
Q09m 04s54.8 m1,497 m90° down208°    Photo    
R09m 05s55.2 m1,483 m90° down208°    Photo    
S09m 07s55.7 m1,469 m90° down208°    Photo    
T09m 08s56.2 m1,454 m90° down208°    Photo    
U09m 09s56.9 m1,439 m90° down208°    Photo    
V09m 11s57.6 m1,421 m90° down209°    Photo    
W09m 12s58.2 m1,406 m90° down209°    Photo    
X09m 13s59.1 m1,392 m90° down209°    Photo    
Y09m 16s60.6 m1,359 m90° down209°    Photo    
Z09m 18s61.3 m1,344 m90° down209°    Photo    
a09m 19s61.9 m1,329 m90° down209°    Photo    
b09m 20s62.4 m1,315 m90° down209°    Photo    
c09m 22s63.1 m1,300 m90° down209°    Photo    
d09m 23s63.7 m1,285 m90° down209°    Photo    
e09m 24s64.3 m1,270 m90° down209°    Photo    
f09m 26s65.2 m1,255 m90° down209°    Photo    
g09m 27s65.6 m1,241 m90° down209°    Photo    
h09m 28s66.5 m1,226 m90° down209°    Photo    
i09m 30s67.0 m1,211 m90° down209°    Photo    
j09m 31s67.7 m1,197 m90° down209°    Photo    
k09m 32s68.2 m1,183 m90° down209°    Photo    
l09m 34s68.7 m1,168 m90° down209°    Photo    
m09m 35s69.4 m1,153 m90° down209°    Photo    
n09m 36s70.0 m1,138 m90° down209°    Photo    
o09m 38s70.8 m1,123 m90° down209°    Photo    
p09m 39s71.5 m1,109 m90° down209°    Photo    
q09m 41s72.2 m1,093 m90° down209°    Photo    
r09m 42s72.9 m1,079 m90° down209°    Photo    
s09m 43s73.4 m1,065 m90° down209°    Photo    
t09m 45s74.0 m1,049 m90° down209°    Photo    
u09m 46s74.6 m1,035 m90° down209°    Photo    
v09m 47s75.4 m1,021 m90° down209°    Photo    
w09m 49s76.1 m1,006 m90° down209°    Photo    
x09m 51s77.2 m974 m90° down208°    Photo    
y09m 53s78.0 m960 m90° down208°    Photo    
z09m 56s84.9 m926 m90° down208°    Photo    
A09m 57s87.8 m911 m90° down208°    Photo    
B09m 59s90.6 m898 m90° down208°    Photo    
C10m 00s93.3 m885 m90° down208°    Photo    
D10m 01s96.2 m871 m90° down208°    Photo    
E10m 03s98.8 m858 m90° down208°    Photo    
F10m 04s100.8 m844 m90° down208°    Photo    
G10m 05s102.2 m830 m90° down208°    Photo    
H10m 07s103.7 m815 m90° down208°    Photo    
I10m 08s105.1 m799 m90° down208°    Photo    
J10m 09s106.5 m785 m90° down208°    Photo    
K10m 11s108.1 m770 m90° down209°    Photo    
L10m 12s109.6 m755 m90° down209°    Photo    
M10m 13s111.2 m741 m90° down209°    Photo    
N10m 15s112.7 m727 m90° down209°    Photo    
O10m 16s114.4 m712 m90° down208°    Photo    
P10m 17s115.8 m698 m90° down208°    Photo    
Q10m 19s117.4 m682 m90° down208°    Photo    
R10m 20s118.9 m668 m90° down208°    Photo    
S10m 21s120.6 m653 m89.9° down208°    Photo    
T10m 23s122.1 m638 m90° down208°    Photo    
U10m 24s123.2 m624 m90° down208°    Photo    
V10m 25s124.3 m609 m90° down208°    Photo    
W10m 27s125.0 m594 m90° down208°    Photo    
X10m 28s125.9 m580 m90° down208°    Photo    
Y10m 29s126.8 m565 m90° down208°    Photo    
Z10m 31s127.7 m551 m90° down208°    Photo    
a10m 32s128.6 m537 m90° down208°    Photo    
b10m 33s129.5 m522 m90° down208°    Photo    
c10m 37s131.9 m482 m90° down208°    Photo    
d10m 38s132.8 m467 m90° down208°    Photo    
e10m 40s133.7 m453 m90° down208°    Photo    
f10m 42s135.6 m424 m90° down208°    Photo    
g10m 44s136.6 m410 m90° down208°    Photo    
h10m 45s137.3 m396 m90° down208°    Photo    
i10m 46s138.0 m381 m90° down208°    Photo    
j10m 48s139.0 m366 m90° down208°    Photo    
k10m 49s140.1 m349 m90° down208°    Photo    
l10m 51s141.1 m336 m90° down208°    Photo    
m10m 52s142.0 m322 m90° down208°    Photo    
n10m 53s142.9 m308 m90° down208°    Photo    
o10m 55s143.9 m293 m90° down208°    Photo    
p10m 56s144.7 m280 m90° down208°    Photo    
q10m 57s145.6 m265 m90° down208°    Photo    
r10m 59s146.5 m251 m90° down208°    Photo    
s11m 00s147.7 m238 m90° down208°    Photo    
t11m 01s149.0 m224 m90° down208°    Photo    
u11m 03s150.4 m211 m90° down208°    Photo    
v11m 04s151.6 m197 m90° down208°    Photo    
w11m 05s152.8 m184 m90° down208°    Photo    
x11m 07s154.1 m172 m90° down207°    Photo    
y11m 08s155.5 m159 m90° down207°    Photo    
z11m 09s156.9 m146 m90° down207°    Photo    
A11m 11s158.2 m135 m90° down207°    Photo    
B11m 12s159.6 m122 m90° down207°    Photo    
C11m 14s161.0 m113 m90° down207°    Photo    
D11m 15s162.2 m105 m90° down207°    Photo    
E11m 16s163.7 m98 m90° down207°    Photo    
F11m 18s165.0 m94 m90° down207°    Photo    
G11m 19s166.4 m91 m90° down207°    Photo    
H11m 20s167.6 m91 m89.9° down207°    Photo    
I11m 23s166.9 m94 m89.9° down241°    Photo    
J11m 25s162.7 m90 m90° down274°    Photo    
K11m 26s159.1 m87 m89.9° down297°    Photo    
L11m 27s154.8 m83 m89.9° down304°    Photo