Remain safe and compliant with checklists!

To configure a checklist, click on the checklist name below and add checklist items as necessary. Be sure to save your changes when finished editing.

You will find your customized checklist(s) on the AirData UAV mobile app, available for Android and iOS. When you complete the pre and/or post-flight checklist within the mobile app, AirData will automatically assign it to the correct flight for you. You can also complete the checklists under each flight in the GENERAL -> Checklists tab.

Add as many checklists as necessary by clicking on "Add New Checklist". Having multiple checklists can be very useful, especially for different types of flights (for example "Night flight" or "Training flight"), or different types of drones that require special operational checks (for example "Large drones" or "Foldable drones").
Flight Checklists Mission Checklists

This feature is only available for Enterprise Subscribers.

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