"Weak signal. Adjust antennas (Code: 80016)"

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Severity: Low Risk

   Low severity, impact on safety is likely not significant


This is letting you know that the signal between the drone and remote controller is weak.

Typically, the strongest signal can be achieved when the antennas aligned perpendicular to the drone. For example, if the drone is far away and the roughly same height as the remote, have the antennas point either directly up to the sky or directly down to the ground.

We also advise that you observe your surroundings for possible interference.

Last, be sure to check within your flight app for what actions your drone will take if the signal is lost.

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Pope Tabibo, IX
Posted 9 months ago
I was flying at over 300 feet AGL and the aircraft was in auto-return to home mode when the altitude started to drop without any prompting from me. I watched for some time to see whether it was descending to navigate below a geofence, but, to my horrow, it did not stop descending until I manually canceled the auto RTH and elevated the aircraft.
Posted 9 months ago
I just received the same error today. Roughly around 306 feet AGL. Luckly my Mini 2 did not decend like yours. It took about 25 seconds and it the went into Auto Return To Home. Thankfully I had 48% battery left to RTH !!!
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