"Motor unable to rotate. Check motor (Code: 30142)"

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Andrew Cortez
2 votes, posted 3 years ago
Mini2 - Stiff motor (front left) brand new out of the box. Throttle loosened it.
Lee Jordan
Posted 2 years ago
My first flight with the drone. Grass a little longer than I expected and snagged on one of props. Lesson learned and I now have a foldable PGYTech landing mat.
Posted 2 years ago
ease the motor housing up with thumbnail very lightly, did the trick. Probably happened due to prop cover pulling props down onto body.
Edu k
Posted 2 years ago
New Dj Mini SE, I just started to unpack and put in a table to land off but the error gave me that it can't flight, I can see the right rear wing doesn't move, no grass, no crash, nothing.
After reviewing, on screw wasn’t put correctly and I screwed until the end and it worked
Posted 11 months ago
It looks like taking off in long grass will stop the motors from allowing you to take off Lol.... Cleared the grass and ready for take off again !!!
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