"Motor unable to rotate. Check motor (Code: 30142)"

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Andrew Cortez
2 votes, posted 2 years ago
Mini2 - Stiff motor (front left) brand new out of the box. Throttle loosened it.
Lee Jordan
Posted 9 months ago
My first flight with the drone. Grass a little longer than I expected and snagged on one of props. Lesson learned and I now have a foldable PGYTech landing mat.
Edu k
Posted 7 months ago
New Dj Mini SE, I just started to unpack and put in a table to land off but the error gave me that it can't flight, I can see the right rear wing doesn't move, no grass, no crash, nothing.
After reviewing, on screw wasn’t put correctly and I screwed until the end and it worked
-1 vote, posted 12 months ago
ease the motor housing up with thumbnail very lightly, did the trick. Probably happened due to prop cover pulling props down onto body.