"Aircraft antenna satellite signal searching error. Fly with caution (0x1610008f)"

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Mircea Antohi
1 vote, posted 2 years ago
We got the same problem, did you find any fix ? DJI recomandation was to send the drone for the service because it might be the RTK module damaged somehow, as they said
Konstantinos Tottis
Posted 12 months ago
Do they solve the problem?
James Pauly
Posted 3 years ago
We are getting this error and can not get it to clear. Rebooting does nothing. Going to try to connect and check for firmware updates etc. Aircraft will not see satellites even though another drone being used has no issues and has full GPS support.
James Pauly
1 vote, posted 3 years ago
We had some consistent magnetic interference on the ground the next night. We moved the launch area to eliminate the interference and the M300 performed normally for two flights. Have not tried a third flight yet.
Atilla Haugen
Posted 2 years ago
We get this warning consistently on every flight. The bar indicating antenna signal strength in the RTK-tab is not showing anything.
No problems related to this other than the message itself.
Posted 2 years ago
Yes. its getting more persistent lately. doesn't affect the flight though.
Alex Burka
Posted 2 years ago
We are getting this same error on all outdoor flights except it is "Unable to take off", so it's more serious. How can we disable it? Magnetometer calibration did not help.
mark baker
Posted one year ago
Same issue - two separate M300 which had been working in this location have the same error and 'unable to fly' message. Find it very unlikely that 2 RTK units could fail on different drones at the same time.
Posted 5 months ago
Hi Guys

I'm facing the same issues. We tried to fly the drone in different places however didn't work.

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