Uploading Flight Logs with Airdata’s Android App

Step-by-step instructions for downloading our Airdata Android app and setting up the sync parameters.
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eric watt
1 vote, posted 2 years ago
There as been a lot of changes over the last four year much better now everything auto upload for the Anafi i see for me this great don't know about my dji p 4 yet dont fly it much its my Yuneec h i fly the most now .
Posted 12 months ago
Not to be a troll, but this was no help at all. I was here because I can't get the app to sync. I'm having trouble because the app doesn't think I have pointed it to the right folder to sync from. Might be right, but I'm out of ideas.
Trevor Hall
Posted 12 months ago
Hi Donald,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble syncing your flights. If you could please send an email to support@airdata.com with answers to the following questions, we'd be glad to help troubleshoot.

For the flights that are not uploading...
1) What flight app(s) are you using?
2) What is the make and model of the phone/tablet you are using to conduct the flights?

Also, if you are using one of the following flight apps, feel free to check out the referenced videos for the most common reasons why flights may not be uploading.

DJI Fly: vimeo.com

DJI GO 4/Pilot: vimeo.com

AirData Support
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