Creating Pre & Post-flight Drone Checklists With Airdata

Editing the checklist templates, completing a checklist on the mobile apps and on the website, and unassigned checklists.
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Darrik Gregg
2 votes, posted 12 months ago
Great video on how to create a checklist! Thanks Airdata, I love your platform for the Sheriff's Office
Trevor Hall
Posted 9 months ago
Great to hear that the video was helpful. The team here at AirData is glad to hear that you're enjoying the platform!
Gary White
Posted 8 months ago
Once you have filled out a checklist is there any way to print it out for permanent record storage.
Trevor Hall
Posted 7 months ago
Good question! A couple of options here...

1) When creating a Report, under "Fields to Display", there are options to include pre and post-flight checklist information. You can then download and print the completed Report.

2) If a checklist has been answered for a flight, you can locate that completed checklist by selecting the flight and going to the "General" -> "Checklists" tabs. While there is no "print" button on this page, you can print the information on this page as you would with any other webpage.

3) Lastly, if you completed a checklist that has not yet been assigned to a flight, you can locate it by going to "My Account" -> "Unassigned Checklists".

I hope this helps!