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This help article demonstrates how to upload UgCS flight logs to your AirData account.

Downloading the AirData UgCS Sync Tool

To get started, please download the AirData Sync Tool to your computer.

Before using the utility, you may need to install the Java Runtime Environment (if it was not previously installed for other apps), available for free, here:

For Mac Only:

1) When opening the AirData Sync Tool on a Mac, you may receive a popup that says "AirDataSyncTool cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified", which will look like this:

airdata sync tool cannot be opened

So, to open the AirData Sync Tool, either shift+click or right-click on the application and select "Open", which opens a confirmation menu. Please click "Open" here to open the AirData Sync Tool.

open airdata sync tool confirmation

To learn more about safely opening apps on your Mac, see this support article from Apple.

2) If you attempt to use the AirData Sync Tool without Java installed on your computer, you will receive a prompt to install the JDK. However, the popup incorrectly points you to the Adobe Flash Page - which is a known Mac issue. Instead, please visit this page to install Java:

Uploading UgCS logs

When you open the AirData Sync Tool, "admin" is entered for the "UgCS Login" and "UgCS Password" fields — please leave "admin" entered. These credentials simply allow you to connect with the local UgCS service installed and running on your local desktop.

AirData Token: your AirData Token is found under "My Account" -> "Auto Upload Token", or by clicking here.

airdata sync tool login

Under "List of all vehicles", select the aircraft you would like to upload flight logs for. Select individual flights or choose a range of flights, and click on "Upload to AirData."

select ugcs flights to upload

The flights will begin uploading, as indicated by the progress bar.

upload progress

A confirmation screen will appear when the flights are finished uploading.

upload confirmation

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Rory Gillies
1 vote, posted 5 months ago
This is great! Currently I extract the logs from the Cendence by copying to the SD card then importing into AirData, however this is a much more streamlined method. Two things to note, when you run the app (I'm on a Mac) without a JDK installed, on the popup Java JRE message that appears the "more info..." button takes you to the Adobe Flash page, not the Java page, and it needs to be corrected on this page that it's the Java development Kit (JDK) that's required, not the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). I suspect that few of your target users will have the JDK installed.

Great work from AirData and SPH Engineering!
Trevor Hall
Posted 5 months ago
Hi Rory, thank you for the helpful comment! We have added information to this help page regarding the points that you raised.

AirData Support
Francois Dusablon
Posted 3 months ago
Man...I stopped searching for this tool quite sometime ago resolving to import files from the Android data files, and today, while trying hard to import recent Flight Records again, directly from my DJI Smart Controller (M300RTK), I stumbled over this "new" tool from AirData...I have to say Thank you! This is removing one obstacle from the way. You know this feeling where things are incomplete...and now resolved! Many many thanks to both AirData and UgCS for closing this circle...Cheers!
Trevor Hall
Posted 3 months ago
Hi Francois, we're happy to hear that you will benefit from our new integration with UgCS! We thank you for your kind words and support!

AirData Support
Riaan Haasbroek
Posted 3 days ago
Hi Airdata team.
Well done and thank you for this. I downloaded the Sync tool for Mac and also the Java component. Extracted and followed the steps as mentioned. However, when I clic on the icon to open the software the icon briefly pops up in the taskbar but the software doesn't launch so one can use it to upload logs. Any advise?