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Signal strength between drone and remote

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When looking at the signal strength between the drone and RC, there are two tabs we should observe - "Signal Map" and "Signal Score." These tabs are located in the "SENSORS" section when viewing a flight.

  1. Signal Map: found under "SENSORS" -> "Signal Map." This map displays where any signal discrepancies may have occurred. Below the map we see the times at which the signal was calculated, and what the calculated signal was. Depending on the drone/flight app, you will either see "Uplink Signal" and "Downlink Signal" columns (the presence of these columns indicate that AirData receives the actual Uplink and Downlink data in the logs), or you'll see "Minor Signal Errors" and "Calculated Signal" columns.

    signal strength

    The signal strength is calculated based on the rate data is received.

  2. Signal Score: found under "SENSORS" -> "Signal Score." This is using the same data that the Signal Strength Map presents. It calculates the score based on the overall signal strength throughout the flight. It's important to note that a Signal Strength Score of 100 does not mean that you had a flawless signal for the entire flight. Looking at the flight below, we see that the uplink and downlink signals were not 100% for the entire flight, but the Signal Strength Score was 100.

    Although the uplink and downlink signals were not perfect, at no point was there a data loss (a disconnect between the drone and RC), which is why the Signal Strength Score was 100.

    Looking at the following flight, we see that the calculated signal was 0% for a period of time, indicating a disconnect between the drone and RC. In turn, the Signal Strength Score for this flight was 85.

    To recap, the Signal Strength Score is a representation of whether or not data loss occurred during the flight. While the quality of a signal for a flight could perhaps not be perfect, the Signal Strength Score will be 100 if the connection between the drone and RC was not lost.

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