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Filtering flights

We provide multiple methods for filtering your flights, which is useful when retrieving flights for a specific drone, pilot, date range, and more!.

"Pilot-in-Command" and "Drone" dropdowns

While under the "MY LOGS" -> "FLIGHTS" tab, quickly display flights for a specific pilot or drone under the respective dropdown menu.

filter by pic or drone

Advanced Search Tool

Our Advanced Search Tool is a powerful method of filtering specific flights. On the"MY LOGS" -> "FLIGHTS" tab, click on the three blue lines to bring up this tool.

advanced search tool

Add multiple search parameters to really narrow down a specific group of flights. Looking at the below image, we can quickly pull up all of John Smith's flights that he completed on April 10th with a Mavic Air 2 using DJI Fly within 5 miles of a specific address. Awesome!

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