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Filtering flights

We provide multiple methods for filtering your flights, which is useful when retrieving flights for a specific drone, pilot, date range, and more!.

"Pilot-in-Command" and "Drone" dropdowns

While under the "MY LOGS" -> "FLIGHTS" tab, quickly display flights for a specific pilot or drone under the respective dropdown menu.

filter by pic or drone

Advanced Search Tool

Our Advanced Search Tool is a powerful method of filtering specific flights. On the"MY LOGS" -> "FLIGHTS" tab, click on the three blue lines to bring up this tool.

advanced search tool

Add multiple search parameters to really narrow down a specific group of flights. Looking at the below image, we can quickly pull up all of John Smith's flights that he completed on April 10th with a Mavic Air 2 using DJI Fly within 5 miles of a specific address. Awesome!

Clearing a flight filter

When you are finished viewing the flights you set a filter for, you need to remove the filter to once again view all of your flights.

To remove the filter, click on "Clear filter" at the top of the flight list. You will now see all flights appear in the flight list.

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