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Upload your DroneDeploy flights to Airdata UAV.

Users are now able to automatically upload DroneDeploy flight logs to Airdata. This integration is available with DroneDeploy version 2.0.15 or later.

See flight data from your DroneDeploy missions to analyze flight performance and get the most from each flight.

To upload your DroneDeploy Logs, please follow the instructions below.


Configuration Instructions

  1. Register for your Airdata UAV account. If you already have an Airdata UAV account, skip ahead to step #3.

  2. Enter your information in the form. After submitting, wait a few minutes for a verification email:

  3. After verifying your email, you will be logged in. Click "My Account" to access your account settings:

  4. In the account settings, click the "Auto Upload Token":

  5. This is where you find your Token (the token below is just an example, it's NOT your token):

  6. Initial installation of Airdata UAV Sync app: In the DroneDeploy app (either on a mobile device or via a desktop browser at, click on the Projects icon:

  7. Click on the Apps menu:

  8. Select Airdata UAV Sync from the list of availaible apps:

  9. Install the Airdata UAV Sync app by clicking on "Install on My Account":

  10. Then click on Install in the popup window:

  11. Return to the App Market by clicking on the back arrow icon:

  12. Return to the main menu by clicking on Projects icon:

  13. Click on the Preferences menu:

  14. Expand the Airdata UAV Sync App by clicking on the arrow :

  15. Enter your Auto-Upload Token

  16. Click "Verify Token":

  17. Once the token has been verified, select the number of flights you want to upload (Last 20, Last 200 or All Flights) and if you want to upload these Manually or Automatically.
    • Manually - Upload your flight each time you press on the "Sync now with Airdata" button
    • Automatically - Upload new files every 5 minutes (as long as the DroneDeploy app is open)

  18. If you select Automatic, synchronization should begin immediately. If you select Manual, syncronization will begin after clicking the "Sync now with Airdata" button:

  19. When the synchronization is complete, the number of uploaded flights will be displayed just above the progress bar:

    Still have questions? See our forum to join the discussion or contact us.

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Clayton Couto
Posted a month ago
How long time did it take to transfer flight data from Drone Deploy flight to Air Data?
Trevor Hall
Posted a month ago
Hi Clayton, with a reliable internet connection, the flights should transfer from DroneDeploy to AirData within a couple of minutes. Upload times may increase when uploading longer (larger) flights or multiple flights. If you are experiencing trouble uploading DroneDeploy flights, please send an email to and we'd be glad to troubleshoot the issue.

AirData Support