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Changing the Pilot-in-Command

This help article demonstrates how to:

  1. Change the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) for a single flight
  2. Change the PIC for multiple flights

1. Changing the PIC for a single flight

Head to "MY LOGS" -> "FLIGHTS" and select the flight for which you wish to change the PIC. Navigate to "GENERAL" -> "Details."

airdata general flight details

Click on "Edit" beneath the current PIC.
Remove the current PIC by clicking on the "X."
Add the new PIC and click on "Save."
Your PIC has successfully been changed.

2. Changing the PIC for multiple flights

Select the flights for which you would like to change the PIC. Next, click on the "Actions" button, and "Assign Pilots/Roles."

assign pilots/roles

Type in the the pilot's email you would like to assign as the new PIC for the selected flights. Note that you have the option to "Replace existing Pilot-in-Command" or "Add an additional Pilot-in-Command." For this example, we will replace the PIC. Once you click on "Apply Changes", the new PIC will appear under the "GENERAL" -> "Details" tab.

replacing pic

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