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Adding new users and pilots

This help article will demonstrate:

  1. The locations on AirData where you can add a user/pilot.
  2. Adding the user/pilot.
  3. User/pilot permissions.
  4. Next steps for new user/pilot.

Where to add a new user/pilot

Add a new user/pilot by going to one of the two following locations:

  1. From "MANAGE" -> "PILOTS", click on "Add Pilot" in the upper left-hand corner.

  2. add user/pilot

  3. Go to "My Account" -> "Users/Pilots", and click on "Add User/Pilot".

  4. add user / pilot

Adding the user/pilot

pilot details

Provide the name and email of the pilot. This email will be used by the pilot when they log into AirData.

If desired, enter an organization name for the pilot, and add necessary notes. The notes are displayed when viewing the pilot on "MANAGE" -> "PILOTS."

Choosing a color for the pilot helps with account organization. For example, all new pilots could be highlighted in yellow.

Select the appropriate permissions for this pilot. If none of the permissions are checked, the new user/pilot cannot log into your account. However, an Auto Upload Token will be created for them, which allows their flights to upload to your account.

Theirs User/pilot can perform the action ONLY on their flights/equipment. X User/pilot cannot perform this action on any flights/equipment.
All User/pilot can perform the action on ALL flights/equipment. User/pilot can complete this action.

User/pilot permissions
AirData actions yes Login yes Edit yes Delete yes View all yes Admin
Delete flights X X Theirs Theirs All
Edit flight date/title X Theirs Theirs Theirs All
Add/edit flight participants X Theirs Theirs Theirs All
Add tags X Theirs Theirs Theirs All
Group flights X Theirs Theirs Theirs All
Complete maintenance X Theirs Theirs Theirs All
Add flight description X Theirs Theirs Theirs All
Add alerts X Theirs Theirs Theirs All
View/create reports Theirs Theirs Theirs Theirs All
Complete checklists (web) Once Theirs Theirs Theirs All
View Flights Theirs Theirs Theirs All All
Share flights Theirs Theirs Theirs All All
Download single flight Theirs Theirs Theirs All All
Edit checklist templates X X X X
Complete checklists (mobile)
View/start live streams

Click on "Save" when you've finished configuring the new user/pilot.

Next steps for new user/pilot

If the "Allow user to login" was checked, the new user/pilot will be sent an invitation email from AirData. The individual needs to follow the invitation link in the email, where they will be prompted to create their password. After the password is created, they will have access to your AirData account.

Please inform the new user/pilot to accept the email invitation, and to NOT create a new free account from the AirData website. The individual will not be added to your account if they create their own separate free account.

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