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Rudder map - based on the Rudder Response data:  orange  is minor delay (0.4-0.6 seconds),  red  is slow response (0.7-0.9 seconds) and  purple  is very slow response (1 seconds and higher).

Slow responses are generally normal and may be caused by winds or turbulence. When examining the data, look for either areas to avoid with consistent delays (due to wind tunnels, for example) or look for repetitive patterns which may indicate aircraft balance issues.

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Response time
ALeft turn04m 40s 81.0 ft2,958 ft0.4 seconds
BLeft turn04m 45s 80.7 ft2,960 ft0.5 seconds
CRight turn05m 12s 91.9 ft2,906 ft0.6 seconds
DRight turn05m 18s 90.9 ft2,900 ft0.5 seconds
ELeft turn07m 33s 69.2 ft3,728 ft0.5 seconds
FLeft turn07m 34s 69.2 ft3,717 ft0.4 seconds
GLeft turn07m 36s 68.9 ft3,717 ft0.4 seconds
HLeft turn07m 38s 68.9 ft3,719 ft0.4 seconds
IRight turn07m 40s 68.9 ft3,721 ft0.4 seconds
JLeft turn07m 45s 68.9 ft3,721 ft0.5 seconds
KRight turn07m 52s 68.9 ft3,781 ft0.5 seconds
LLeft turn08m 10s 68.6 ft4,338 ft0.5 seconds
MRight turn08m 12s 68.9 ft4,394 ft0.5 seconds
NLeft turn08m 20s 68.9 ft4,619 ft0.6 seconds
OLeft turn08m 53s 69.2 ft5,016 ft0.4 seconds
PLeft turn09m 08s 69.6 ft5,098 ft0.5 seconds
QRight turn09m 10s 69.6 ft5,133 ft0.6 seconds
RLeft turn09m 41s 69.2 ft5,892 ft0.5 seconds
SLeft turn09m 43s 69.2 ft5,916 ft0.4 seconds
TRight turn09m 50s 68.2 ft6,007 ft0.4 seconds
ULeft turn10m 04s 68.6 ft6,087 ft0.7 seconds
VRight turn11m 38s 68.2 ft6,283 ft0.9 seconds