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The following values are affected by multiple factors including pilot actions (flying style, altitude changes, etc) and environmental conditions (air temperature, winds, etc).

Consistent low values may indicate an issue with the drone, such as blade issues, motor issues or battery issues.

Longer flights will provide more accurate information.

Minutes Per Battery ™
Higher is better

Flight time
10m 09s

Total Mileage
12,009 ft

Max Height
470.1 ft

Miles Per Battery ™

  • Minutes Per Battery: how many minutes the aircraft can fly until the battery drains.

  • Miles Per Battery: how many miles (round trip) the aircraft can fly until the battery drains.

    Based on your average flying style this flight, these dials represent the time and distance you could have theoretically flown, assuming you continued flying in the same way until your battery was completely drained.

    Minutes Per Battery - this number will be lower if you put the aircraft under stress, such as frequent ascends/descends, high wind, mechanical stress on the aircraft (propellers, motors, cracks), inefficient battery, etc.

    Miles/KM per Battery - this number will vary significantly based on the flight characteristics. This dial is useful for comparisons of flights with similar distances. For example, if you take a short leisurely flight, this number will be lower as it assumes you will continue to travel slowly. If you fly far with very little stops, this number will be higher as it assumes you will continue flying in the same manner.

    IMPORTANT: these values are strictly theoretical. Do not try to fly to the maximums!