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The color of the path represents the Amperage used during the flight. Placemarks (letters) are where notable voltage drops occured.   Click here for more help
  Standard Range Amp Map Flight Specific Full Range Amp Map

Amps:   Below 15A 15A to 20A 20A to 25A Above 25A
Volts:   Dropped 0.02v-0.1v   Dropped more than 0.1v   Voltage below 13.9v


 Flight time Altitude Home Distance Vertical Change Voltage Drop (per 0.1 sec)
A00m 15s13.2 m   3 mClimbing 0.09v
B00m 19s34.6 m   31 mClimbing 0.03v
C01m 53s31.6 m   12 mClimbing 0.02v
D01m 54s32.4 m   20 mNone 0.04v
E02m 02s39.7 m   123 mClimbing 0.02v
F02m 03s43.2 m   138 mClimbing 0.04v
G02m 07s59.2 m   198 mClimbing Low Voltage: 13.748v
H02m 10s69.8 m   232 mClimbing 0.02v
I02m 13s86.8 m   285 mClimbing Low Voltage: 13.449v
J02m 20s119.5 m   383 mClimbing Low Voltage: 13.496v
K02m 25s143.8 m   447 mClimbing Low Voltage: 13.616v
L03m 43s160.5 m   449 mClimbing 0.06v
M03m 51s198.3 m   538 mClimbing 0.02v
N04m 01s246.6 m   657 mClimbing Low Voltage: 13.829v
O04m 06s272.3 m   722 mClimbing Low Voltage: 13.806v
P04m 17s327.9 m   856 mClimbing Low Voltage: 13.824v