Upload instructions

The latest version of Pix4D now supports to detailed logging for Airdata. Please follow the instructions below to upload these log files.


iOS Instructions Android Instructions

Android Instructions

  1. After flying, connect your phone/tablet to your computer with a USB cable, then on your phone/tablet swipe down from the top of your screen and then tap the "Charging this device via USB" notification.

  2. Under "Use USB to" select Transfer File.

  3. A window will appear on your computer showing your device

  4. Click on "Internal Storage", then go to DJI\com.pix4d.plugindji\FlightRecord and copy the flight records to your computer. You may have to restart your tablet/phone to be able to view this directory or newer files.
    Here is an example of what file to look for: DJIFlightRecord_2018-03-01_[11-15-07].txt

  5. Once your flight logs are saved on your computer, go to https://app.airdata.com/main?a=upload to upload them to Airdata.

  6. Drag and drop your flights into the drop box area or click and select them from the pop-up window.

  7. Then click on "Upload Flights" to upload them to Airdata.

  8. Once uploaded, click on "Continue to flights" to view them.

    Still have questions? See our forum to join the discussion or contact us.

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