This functionality is available in the HD 360 Pro and Enterprise plan.

Enhanced security settings:

Auto remove preview images from flight logs
Some flight logs contain preview images that are stored inside the binary log file that Airdata receives. When this option is enabled - Airdata will automatically remove those previews. This option is only applicable for new flights.
Only my organization can view flight links
When disabled (not checked), you may send flight links ( to others outside your organization, and anyone with the link can view those. These are unlisted links and only partial data is visible when viewed by others.

When enabled, outsiders will not be able to view those links.
This is applicable for all existing and future flights, and does NOT affect Shared flights.

To properly share flights with others outside your organization:
  • To share a single flight with anyone: Use the green "Share" icon on the top right corner of the flight page.
  • To share multiple flights with other Airdata customers (Enterprise subscription required):
    • Select the flights you would like to share by checking the boxes next to each flight in the flight list
    • Click "Actions" at the top of the flight list
    • Choose "Send Flight To" and enter the other person Airdata account email address
    • They will then be able to import a copy of the flights into their Airdata account