Enable DJI Flight Record API

Starting June 2020, DJI started to encrypt some flight logs with private/public keys, which require Airdata to obtain a decryption key online from DJI per each flight.

Airdata worked closely with the DJI engineering team to provide seamless integration in Airdata.

Yes, use the DJI API to decrypt new flight logs

Please note: Only Admins can modify this.

Which DJI log files are encrypted using this new method?

The DJI API is required for flight logs from the following apps:
  • DJI Fly 1.2.2 or newer
  • DJI Ground Station Pro
  • DroneLink
  • Any 3rd party SDK app using MSDK 4.12 or higher generating "DJIFlightRecord_*.txt" logs
Last updated: January 2021

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