How to convert DJI drone flight log TXT file
to GPX file format
and open in Google Earth

  1. Upload your flight logs here - the flight logs can be DJI GO TXT log files, or any other supported formats

  2. In Airdata, proceed to the General->Overview page, click to download the GPX file under the flight path map:

    Tip: You can also donwload KML for Google Earth, or a CSV file that you can open in Excel

  3. After downloading the GPX file, open Google Earth, then choose File -> Open

    Note: On Microsoft Windows, if you simply click the GPX file, Google Earth will open but the GPX file will not show up. Instead, please choose "File->Open" as explained in this step:

  4. Select the .gpx file you just uploaded, then click "Open":

  5. A popup window will appear, uncheck "Adjust altitudes to ground height" and click "OK"

  6. The flight path will display along with a player bar

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