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Rudder map - based on the Rudder Response data:  orange  is minor delay (0.4-0.6 seconds),  red  is slow response (0.7-0.9 seconds) and  purple  is very slow response (1 seconds and higher).

Slow responses are generally normal and may be caused by winds or turbulence. When examining the data, look for either areas to avoid with consistent delays (due to wind tunnels, for example) or look for repetitive patterns which may indicate aircraft balance issues.

 Right or LeftFlight timeAltitudeHome
Response time
ARight turn00m 49s 123.7 ft425 ft0.7 seconds
BLeft turn02m 49s 176.2 ft5,597 ft0.9 seconds
CLeft turn04m 10s 175.5 ft3,147 ft0.8 seconds
DRight turn05m 20s 175.5 ft2,806 ft0.8 seconds
ELeft turn07m 40s 175.2 ft1,480 ft0.7 seconds
FLeft turn10m 29s 174.5 ft47 ft0.7 seconds
GLeft turn10m 30s 173.9 ft42 ft0.6 seconds
HLeft turn10m 33s 173.9 ft65 ft0.7 seconds
ILeft turn10m 34s 174.5 ft60 ft0.4 seconds
JLeft turn10m 38s 173.9 ft21 ft0.4 seconds
KLeft turn10m 40s 174.5 ft24 ft0.4 seconds
LRight turn10m 45s 164.0 ft57 ft0.5 seconds
MLeft turn10m 53s 84.0 ft103 ft0.6 seconds
NRight turn10m 56s 61.0 ft98 ft0.4 seconds
ORight turn10m 56s 54.1 ft94 ft0.5 seconds








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