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Minor Deviations ™
Minor deviation is when a cell differs more than 0.01v from the other cells. The total amount of deviations per cell is then divided by the total amount of flight minutes, to get the number of minor deviations per minute.

Note that even a perfect battery would have minor deviations and it is normal. Lower values are better. Higher values may provide an early sign that the battery is not as efficient.
Minor cell voltage deviation(0.01v) per minute
Lower numbers are better

Battery Printed Serial Number: 0K4AECSA3400F2
Battery Internal Serial Number: Not available

Major Deviations ™
Major deviation is when a cell differs more than 0.07v from the other cells.
Please note that normal batteries can have a few of these.
An abnormal battery will:
    A) Have most of the major deviations in one cell
    B) There will be multiple major deviations per minute, and more than 10 total
    C) The deviations continue longer than 1 minute
If your battery shows all symptoms (example, another) then this is considered a more severe case of an inefficient battery and may impact the battery life.
If your battery has only 1-4 instances on the same cell, don't worry too much about it. If it has 5-10 instances - then continue to track and make sure it does not degrade:

Flight Time Deviation Cell 1Cell 2Cell 3
06m 28s0.094v3.664v3.57v3.671v