We're excited to announce DroneDeploy flight data is now available in HealthyDrones.

Users are now able to upload DroneDeploy flight logs to HealthyDrones. This integration is available with DroneDeploy version 2.0.15 or later.

See flight data from your DroneDeploy missions to analyze flight performance and get the most from each flight.

To upload your DroneDeploy Logs, please follow the instructions below.


Configuration Instructions

  1. Register for your HealthyDrones account. If you already have a HealthyDrones account, skip ahead to step #3.

  2. Enter your information in the form. After submitting, wait a few minutes for a verification email:

  3. Fly using the DroneDeploy app. After flying, allow a few minutes for the app to upload logs. Then login to, and click the flight:

  4. When viewing the flight, click the top section to open up the flight details:

  5. Find the flight log link at the bottom of this section. If you don't see a flight log, it's either because the phone/tablet did not upload it yet, or perhaps you were using an older version of DroneDeploy to conduct this flight, and a flight log is not available.

  6. The actual log file looks similar this:

  7. After downloading the log file to your desktop, go to the HealthyDrones upload page and upload this log file and you should be all set.

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