Airdata App for DJI Smart Controller

Follow these instructions in order to install our new Airdata mobile app on the DJI Smart Controller.

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Configuration Instructions

  1. On Smart Controller, click the 'Applications' icon:

  2. Click "Lightning Browser" to open the web browser:

  3. In the browser window, click the URL bar at the top, and type, then 'GO':

  4. After the page opens up, click the 'Download Airdata' link, then click 'Download' in the following confirmation popup: (version number will be different)

  5. Once the file has been downloaded, swipe from the top of the screen down to access the notification panel: (version number will be different)

  6. In the notification panel click on the bubble icon:

  7. Click on the recently download apk file (filename will be different) to install the Airdata app.

  8. In the package installer click 'INSTALL':

  9. Once the app is installed, click 'OPEN':

  10. In the pop-up, please allow the Aidata app to access this device location

  11. Enter your Airdata login credentials:

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