Airdata App for P4A+, P4P+ and P4P RTK

Follow these instructions in order to install our new Airdata mobile app on the Phantom 4 Advanced Plus (P4A+), Phantom 4 Pro Plus (P4P+), or the Phantom 4 RTK.

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Configuration Instructions

  1. On your desktop/laptop computer, download the latest APK installation file from here:

    For example, the APK name will look like this: ad33.apk (newer versions will have a different name)

  2. Dowload the latest APK

  3. Save the APK file to an SD card.

  4. Put the SD card inside the P4P Remote. Then, in the P4P+ home screen, click the Settings icon

  5. At the top - click the "All applications" tab:

  6. Click "Explorer":

  7. Click "Home" in the top yellow/orange area, then click "SD Card"::

  8. Click the Airdata APK - ad33.apk:

  9. Click "Next" multiple times and then "Install":

  10. Please note that during the first install, the Android config may block 3rd party APKs. Click on Settings in the pop-up to enable:

  11. Enable installation from Unknown sources:

  12. Click on OK to validate the change, then repeat step 6, 7, 8 and 9:

  13. Once the app is installed, click 'OPEN':

  14. Enter your Airdata login credentials:

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