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  Review notification highlights from the flight.

  Flight time Altitude Home Dist Type Notification
00m 00s0.0 m0 mModeMode changed to Motors Started
A00m 00s0.0 m0 mModeMode changed to Motors Started
B00m 01s0.0 m0 mTipTaking off
C00m 01s0.0 m0 mModeMode changed to AutoTakeoff
D00m 04s1.0 m1 mTipHome Point Recorded, Return-to-Home Altitude:30M
E00m 04s1.1 m1 mModeMode changed to P-GPS
 01m 09s20.5 m107 m
90% Battery
 02m 38s94.1 m122 m
80% Battery
 03m 13s96.2 m138 m
77% Battery at maximum distance
F03m 23s96.1 m137 mModeMode changed to PANO
G03m 24s96.2 m137 mTipLarge Wind Velocity. Fly with caution
H04m 09s96.3 m137 mTipCapture Panorama Successful
I04m 10s96.3 m137 mModeMode changed to P-GPS
 04m 22s96.3 m137 m
70% Battery
J05m 03s84.4 m71 mWarningYaw Error (repeated 13 times)
K05m 08s84.4 m77 mWarningYaw Error
L05m 08s84.3 m78 mModeMode changed to Atti
M05m 08s84.3 m78 mWarningYaw Error (repeated 9 times)
N05m 09s84.4 m81 mWarningYaw Error. Magnetic Filed Interference. Exit P-GPS Mode
O05m 09s84.4 m81 mWarningYaw Error (repeated 49 times)
P05m 14s82.6 m84 mWarningYaw Error (repeated 48 times)
Q05m 19s79.5 m77 mWarningYaw Error (repeated 24 times)
R05m 22s79.6 m79 mModeMode changed to P-GPS
 06m 02s51.5 m32 m
60% Battery
 07m 28s22.1 m17 m
50% Battery
 08m 52s44.9 m70 m
40% Battery
 10m 17s44.9 m72 m
30% Battery
 11m 43s3.1 m9 m
20% Battery
S12m 11s2.0 m6 mLow RiskLow severity, impact on safety is likely not significantWarning__The remaining battery is only enough for RTH. Return home now.
T12m 23s-0.1 m5 mTipLanding
U12m 23s-0.1 m5 mModeMode changed to AutoLanding