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Found rate of change in the compass of 25 degrees or more per 0.1 seconds.
That's about a 90 degree turn in a third of a second, which is not normal.

This can be a result of extremly strong winds, a crash into an object or a bad compass.

 Flight timeAltitudeHome DistanceCompass Turn
Rate Per 0.1s
A14m 58s234.6 ft   2,905 ft25.2
B14m 58s233.6 ft   2,902 ft31.3
C14m 58s232.0 ft   2,899 ft33.5
D14m 58s230.0 ft   2,897 ft53.1
E14m 58s226.0 ft   2,893 ft53.5
F14m 59s224.1 ft   2,891 ft52.5
G14m 59s222.1 ft   2,888 ft51.2
H14m 59s219.8 ft   2,887 ft51.9
I14m 59s214.9 ft   2,884 ft69.7
J14m 59s212.6 ft   2,883 ft63.0
K14m 59s210.0 ft   2,882 ft60.6
L14m 59s207.7 ft   2,880 ft66.6
M14m 59s202.1 ft   2,878 ft69.2
N15m 00s199.5 ft   2,876 ft73.2
O15m 00s196.8 ft   2,874 ft62.4
P15m 00s194.2 ft   2,872 ft90.2
Q15m 00s188.6 ft   2,869 ft87.8
R15m 00s186.0 ft   2,866 ft65.3
S15m 00s183.4 ft   2,864 ft91.1
T15m 00s180.4 ft   2,861 ft80.3
U15m 00s174.9 ft   2,856 ft100.6
V15m 01s172.2 ft   2,854 ft80.8
W15m 01s169.3 ft   2,851 ft96.6
X15m 01s166.3 ft   2,849 ft93.7
Y15m 01s160.4 ft   2,845 ft108.4
Z15m 01s157.5 ft   2,844 ft83.1
a15m 01s154.5 ft   2,843 ft123.5
b15m 01s151.6 ft   2,842 ft95.4
c15m 01s145.3 ft   2,840 ft125.5
d15m 02s142.4 ft   2,841 ft100.1
e15m 02s139.4 ft   2,841 ft103.9
f15m 02s136.2 ft   2,841 ft123.1
g15m 02s130.2 ft   2,842 ft105.1
h15m 02s127.0 ft   2,842 ft122.3
i15m 02s123.7 ft   2,843 ft108.9
j15m 02s120.7 ft   2,843 ft107.9
k15m 02s114.5 ft   2,845 ft111.2
l15m 03s111.9 ft   2,845 ft107.6
m15m 03s108.9 ft   2,845 ft120.5
n15m 03s105.6 ft   2,845 ft114.6
o15m 03s99.7 ft   2,845 ft119.3
p15m 03s96.8 ft   2,845 ft117.9
q15m 03s94.2 ft   2,844 ft109.1
r15m 03s91.2 ft   2,844 ft119.6
s15m 03s85.6 ft   2,842 ft110.4
t15m 04s83.0 ft   2,841 ft121.2
u15m 04s80.1 ft   2,840 ft124.8
v15m 04s77.4 ft   2,838 ft113.7
w15m 04s71.8 ft   2,835 ft127.8
x15m 04s69.2 ft   2,834 ft119.4
y15m 04s66.3 ft   2,831 ft121.2
z15m 04s64.0 ft   2,830 ft129.2
A15m 04s58.7 ft   2,826 ft128.1
B15m 05s56.4 ft   2,824 ft130.5
C15m 05s54.1 ft   2,822 ft132.6
D15m 05s51.8 ft   2,820 ft134.7
E15m 05s47.6 ft   2,818 ft141.7
F15m 05s45.3 ft   2,817 ft129.7
G15m 05s42.7 ft   2,816 ft128.4
H15m 05s40.4 ft   2,815 ft134.7
I15m 05s35.4 ft   2,814 ft136.1
J15m 06s33.1 ft   2,813 ft124.2
K15m 06s30.2 ft   2,813 ft130.7







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